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Message from School Director

Message from School Director Vision Statement
At Hanumant High School we empower all students to embrace learning, achieve their personal best and build their emotional, social and physical well-being.

The ingredients that make up our culture at HHS
• nurture a love of learning
• recognise that learning is a life-long process
• take responsibility for learning by encouraging risk taking
• provide challenging learning experiences that develop self esteem
• acknowledge effort and achievement
• encourage children to reach their individual potential
• value the opinions and contributions of others
• cater for individual teaching and learning styles
• continually monitor progress and report on student

We believe that:
• Children who have courage and self-belief are most likely to achieve their aspirations;
• Children who are curious about learning will question the world around them and always challenge themselves and others;
• Children who have compassion will be, and teach others to be, better human beings;
• Children who are creative will be able to solve the problems of the future.

At HHS we maintain a proud academic tradition and maximise every learning opportunity to shape our students' future through high quality, values enriched teaching and learning.
The school will continue to attract and retain experienced, caring and innovative staff, who work to provide a range of high quality learning opportunities to stimulate and challenge the individual needs and talents of their students. This will continue to be done within a collaborative culture, creating a strong sense of community and team spirit.

The HHS Difference

Innovative Teaching Strategies

It is often said "Perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence" Yes, every school strives for excellence. So do we, at Hanumant High School. With the Vision "To Establish an Excellent, Value-based Higher Educational Hub to Meet the Challenges of Global Competitiveness", several steps are being undertaken for the growth of the institution and effective towards the growth of a healthy & happy society. The burden of reinvention, of course, falls on today's generation of students. So it follows that education should focus on fostering innovation by putting curiosity, critical thinking, deep understanding, the rules and tools of inquiry, and creative brainstorming at the center of the curriculum. The path of life has many ups and downs and it is always very uncertain what will happen next. That is why we need a Guru or a teacher to lead us to the path of righteousness so that whatever work we do in our life we do it the right way and we do not do any harm to others. Our teachers plan innovative lessons to make the class interesting and to engage the students in various activities related to their topics.

Learning Beyond the class Room

Field trips give students educational experiences away from their regular school environment. Age appropriate field trips include old age homes, nature centers, community agencies such as fire stations and hospitals, government agencies, local businesses and science museums. Learning beyond the classroom offers a whole host of opportunities you will struggle to find within confines of your classrooms four walls. By taking learning beyond the classroom we will find dozens of opportunities to make learning concepts, real and relevant by putting them into a more realistic context. Many concepts which seem too difficult to get a grasp of in the classroom are a lot easier to understand in the big wide world when they are set in context, and when the children are more engaged and motivated to understand and learn. For this, we at Hanumant High School provide field trips for the students. Not only do field trips provide alternative educational opportunities for children, they can also benefit the community if they include some type of community service.

Extra Co-Curricular Programmes

1. 'The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection". Hanumant High School Strives to attain a balanced growth of the students by emphasizing equal weight age on both curricular and co-curricular activities. To develop our students to hone their skills in molding out exquisite curiosities different CCA activities are conducted throughout the year to inspire children to think and work creatively and promoted artistic excellence.

2. "The quality of your thinking, determines the quality of your mind." Participation in the Science, Math and English Olympiad, itself is the biggest competition where a student competes to outshine others. It infuses a healthy competitive spirit through reward based assessment. Learning in assorted ways can appeal to varied learning styles, helping children to succeed whether they are visual, auditory or kinetic learners.

3. Debating is fun, noisy and a great way of airing different points of view. Through the experience of debating, students learn to speak in public and in front of their peers. They also develop cognitive and language abilities, as well as skills in research and debating.

4. Any form of play, forms an integral part of a child's routine, be it indoors with dolls and blocks or outdoors with balls, nets and track. However, some form of play may not be a routine but generates thrill and excitement among children of all age groups, and these are 'Adventure Camps'. Our school organizes Adventure camps for students to enjoy their adventurous nature.

5. Competitions play a role in motivating students to perform and excel and offer a lot more reward than just the winning prize .Khel Mahakumbh and KalaMahakumbh offer a chance for participants to gain substantial experience, showcase skills, analyze and evaluate outcomes and uncover personal aptitude. Competitions also encourage students to adopt innovative techniques and develop their ideas and skills. The prime focus of Hanumant High School is on the overall development of young minds seeking intellectual and physical nourishment and its aim is to ensure all-round development of the child's personality.

Faculty at HHS

The school has a very dynamic and talented faculty, highly qualified and experienced. We at HHS believe that every teacher is also a learner who needs to continually adapt to the dynamic needs of the twenty-first century. Hence our qualified faculty makes it a point to attend workshops conducted in India and abroad. This is of course apart from regular in-house training sessions conducted in the school. These sessions provides opportunities for our teaches to share experiences, teaching practices and methodologies from differing perspectives and from different parts of the world.

Message from Principal

The Curriculum The Curriculum

Hanumant High School follows CBSE Curriculum.

Pre-Primary - [Play Group to Sr KG]

Teaching through Thematic Pattern, maximum emphasis is given to enhance art/speaking skills of learners. Academic session splits in four quarters; each quarter follows a particular Theme.

Primary - [Grades 1 to 5]
  • Language I - English
  • Language II - Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies [Grades 3 - 5]
  • Environmental Science
  • Co-curricular subjects - Art & Craft, Computers, Value Education, General Knowledge, Physical Education, Music & Dance
Secondary - [Grades 6 to 10]
  • Language I - English
  • Language II - Hindi
  • Language III - Gujarati or Sanskrit [any one]
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Co-curricular subjects - Art & Craft, Computers, Value Education, General Knowledge, Physical Education & Music

Extra Co-Curricular Programmes

Physical Education and Sports Programmes

It is well said by Vince Lombardi that - 'Winning isn't everything...but, wanting to win is...Sport and physical activity is a valued and accepted part of our school's curriculum, contributing to the development of the child. It provides a vehicle for social, physical, emotional and moral learning and is an important expression of our culture. Hanumant High School itself plays host to some events in order to expose the students who have been putting up excellent performances in various sports events at zonal, district, state and national level. Students have a history of winning colors by putting up excellent performances in various inter-school sports competitions. The participation, enjoyment and skill development of our students is the corner stone of the school sport/ physical activity program.

Extra Co-Curricular Programme

Dance and Music Lessons for Primary and Secondary Dance and Music Lessons for Primary and Secondary