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Reading furnishes the minds and moulds the characters. The Learning Resource Centre awards the Primary & Secondary students and teachers of Hanumant High School, Mahuva as “Super Reader”. It is a step towards cultivating the habit of reading. The school motivates them for reading and comprehending the knowledge. The winner of this “Super Reward Award” shares the summary and essence from a particular book she/he has read. It gives knowledge to others and triggers the book - reading habit in this era of technology and busy schedule.

Super Reader Award - Students

The students who gained the "Super Reader Award" this year are: Super Reader Award A.Y. 2020-21. Primary & Secondary
SR.NO Student Name Grade Month
01 Yuvraj Dakhan Grade VII-B August 2020
02 Aarav Ruparel Grade I-A August 2020
03 Jaineel Mistry Grade III-A August 2020
04 Rumesha Kalaniya Grade -VII B September 2020
05 Aarav Ruparel Grade – I A September 2020
06 Jaimin Pandya Grade- IV B September 2020
07 Dwija Mihir Vaghani Grade- VI A October 2020
08 Mishti Shyam Ruparel Grade- I A October 2020

  • Super Reader - Dwija Mihir VaghaniGrade Grade VI-A - October, 2020      Super Reader - Mishti Shyam Ruparel Grade I-A - October, 2020      Super Reader - Rumesha Kalaniya Grade VII-B - September, 2020      Super Reader -  Aarav Ruparel Grade I-A - September, 2020 Super Reader - Jaimin Pandya Grade IVB - September, 2020      Super Reader - Yuvraj Dakhan Grade VII-B - August, 2020      Super Reader - Aarav Ruparel Grade I-A - August, 2020      Super Reader - Jaineel Mistry Grade III-A - August, 2020     

Super Reader Award - Teachers

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