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Why Do I Like Poetry?

Aarzoo Jalali | 23rd March, 2018 Back to Blog

I believe a verse is a spider maze
Spun with expressions of wonder,
Woven tie up which are detained in place
By whispers made of thunder.
A friend asked me if I like the Prose.
I said the Poetry pleasures me more
And started thinking if I should disclose
What I dislike, and things that I adore
This concern touched my soul, and churned my brain
To answer so many questions to myself.
I have to grasp what good can I attain,
What is beyond my skills, what's on the shelf?
To make my choice of style, in which to write,
Is similar to having thrown the dice:
What strips a zebra starts from: black or white?
But how to find from where the verses rise?
I spent a lot of time to make my choice
From many styles that can create a blend,
Attract the friends to my tone of voice:
From now, the verses are the style I might rejoice.
Always remember the need of poetry
is used by both paradise and hell.
It's up to us to choose our pleasure
as poetry always remains alive and well.