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Reema Bhavsar | 28th January, 2016 Back to Blog
“Sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence.”
– George F. Will

The current generation is seen always busy with studies, tuitions, coaching of various course and computers and mobile phones. From the early age or childhood they are tempted towards the other things than playing games specially the outdoor ones. The choice of fun for them is just hanging around with friends on bikes, sitting and cracking jokes in canteen, sharing videos and jokes on what’s app or taking selfies and groupies to put up on the social media. They don’t play the games like we had played in our childhood, they are more prone towards soft-skills for entertainment apart from the games like : hide- and- seek, kho-kho, cricket, hockey, badminton, tennis, volleyball, etc.

The youth has more options, facilities and tools for sports. They have a proper ground and sports equipments, sports – club and competitions, the celebration like Sports Day in school and the Government promoting them to play and participate in different games by the motivational programs like : “Khel Mahakumbh, Open Marathon”, etc. Apart from these, the parents are keen to fulfill any of the desires of their children of participating in any contest or if they want to buy any tools for playing indoor / outdoor games. The promotional events of sports in school and Governmental programs attract the youth to sports but they do not do the regular practice. They lack the stamina, energy and passion. Out of ten only four would be interested in sports genuinely and only two would have the caliber and power to prove their choice.

The sportsman spirit is also not found in them due to this reason. The quarrels on the ground on petty matters, less ability to accept the defeat, realization of mistake are found mostly disrupting the games and leads to big issues sometimes. The advantages of sports like: learning to lead, developing the stamina, encouraging and cheering others, co-operating and working in a team, using the physical as well as mental power together are the rare traits to be found in current generation. In some cases the children are pampered and mollycoddle by the parents in childhood which leads to less tolerance power, less stamina and they are not able to build a sturdy physique. The facilities are there like: Gym, Health Club and Sports Club to develop and maintain the fitness as well as there are the best of the trainers and coaches available to guide them in the sports of their choice. Still the performance in the games is not that much remarkable.

It needs more preference, more time and removal of the distractions and temptations/ addictions to mould them as: Sportspersons. Apart from these, the major factor is over-burden of education and successful career building also prevents the today’s children to be bookworms and they choose the handy- tools like mobiles, computers and indoor games.

The huge contribution of the sports in our life is time management and discipline along with the development of one’s personality and molding the character. Ultimately we all share the genuine instinct of playing the games and having fun of winning and trying to win. It is only those who are playing, are winning. We need more winners (players) in the field of sports, athletics, gymnastics, and aerobics. To conclude it can be said, that spots can provide us with the strong body which consists of sharp mind, and good character to be a good citizen of growing India.