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Some Scaffolding Strategies To Consider

RBK - Hanumant High School | 11th April, 2016 Back to Blog

At times, teaching can be really difficult, especially when you run out of ideas. You might have planned a lesson, but still struggle to present it to the class. You are sure to be wondering about ways to bring some spark to your teaching. If you can handle and know the needs of your students, you are all set to go. RBK, being one of the top CBSE schools in Gujarat considers this aspect to be important. You will find faculties of RBK take an innovative approach in making learning better, simple, fun and engaging. Well, you cannot always rely on the lesson plan after all!

A lesson plan, however, just gives you a brief idea of how the day will go. There are times when teachers have to stop in the middle of the class because the lesson is not going on as planned. They have to look for ways to keep it moving. This is where the importance of scaffolding a lesson comes into the picture. It is a great way to break up learning into little pieces. For example, when doing the scaffolding the reading, you can cut up the text and stop while reading to discuss. A reliable and the best school in Bhavnagar like RBK leave no stone unturned when it comes to offering quality education to the students.

There are a number of scaffolding strategies you can make use of to make learning fun, innovative and informative at the same time.

Encourage Students to Share Experiences

The best teacher is an experience of a person. You can encourage students to share their experiences or ideas about a content or chapter. Furthermore, you can even ask them to relate them to their day to day happenings. This further helps them to connect with the text or chapter, helping them to understand the lesson well. Faculties at RBK, the school in Bhavnagar has seen a great change when they encourage students to participate and share their experiences with the whole class.

Ask Them to Talk

What can be better than letting the students talk while you listen? You should know every learner requires some time in order to process the ideas. You can encourage students to take part in discussions as it helps in enhancing their communication skills. This includes pairing students, taking turns to talk and so on.

Just Start with a Sentence

To bring some spark in the classroom you can even make use of this simple trick of starting with a sentence and letting the class complete it. Some fine examples include:

We need to plant more trees because ………..
The World War II was started due to ……….

This trick works just fine when a student is struggling to start writing. All you have to do is to offer a starting sentence and get a whole essay ready!

Use of Images

It is noticed students tend to get involved more when there is a use of visuals. You can take advantage of this aspect by making use of an image. A number of top CBSE schools in Gujarat and around has seen a great response when visuals are used.

These are some of the effective scaffolding strategies that can be used by CBSE schools in Bhavnagar and around to bring out the best in the children!