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School Journey

Soumen Chatterjee, Supervisor | 29th December, 2015 Back to Blog

Playful stage was full of restlessness
How difficult to be in class
Full of strangers all around
Mummy says avoid strangers
Teacher says to mingle.......
A big confusion, a big confusion.!!

Imagination stage was cool enough
Been always a school leader
But been shy in the house
Mummy says to speak
Teacher says to shut......
A big confusion, a big confusion!!

Ingenuity stage was responsible one
Whole day to study and study
Whole day in the house.....
Mother says study
Teacher says to play too
A big confusion, a big confusion!!

Then comes the lovely stage “Passion”
Just to imitate others
Like to be with others
Felt like a king,
Whom to ignore Mummy or Teacher??
But listened to heart always
And worked upon consistently,
But still a big confusion ......

This confusion and confusion
Will be there always!!
Hey lets forget and forgive
And listen to your heart always.