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The Role of Teacher in Contemporary Time

RBK - Hanumant High School | 4th July, 2016 Back to Blog

In 21st century, the role of a teacher in society demands an all- rounder personality. It takes a lot for a teacher to acquire sound knowledge of a particular subject, but just sharing the knowledge is not sufficient. A teacher has to make attempt to be a role – model for the students to impact them and inspire them.

The depth of subject knowledge is must in addition to teaching- methodology, communication style, versatile personality and influential behavior. There is a flood of information available at various sources like: library, on-line materials, coaching classes as well as experts. So today’s learners are not depending on a teacher for information but for something else. Hence the question arises: “What is a role of a teacher in contemporary times?”

A teacher is termed as a ‘facilitator’. S/he should have friendly, flexible and fond of gaining knowledge. One should never forget that a teacher always remains a learner. If the learning stops, the teaching stops.

There are a few points that can be considered to be a good facilitator.

  • » The teacher should not be the person that scares the students. The friendly behavior of a teacher makes him / her approachable for the learners. It helps a teacher to understand a child’s psychology. The teaching – learning process reaches the next – level of enhancing the knowledge, if there is a good rapport between a teacher and a learner.
  • » The teacher in current times is required to be flexible enough to adopt the modern technology and keep his knowledge updated. Especially language teacher because they are not teaching something static. Language keeps changing trends and adding new words from intermixing with other languages and modern day inventions. Even for other subjects, a teacher has to get all the updates about his/ her subject. The usage of modern technology should be made for teaching. It will be more interesting for learners to acquire knowledge from the teacher who is well- aware of modern day innovations.
  • » The teacher should never stop learning. S/he should be fond of gathering knowledge of his subject. There are many things like interdisciplinary studies open for new learning every day. One should never feel content that their learning is over and all they have to do is teaching. If a teacher is not a learner, s/he can never put him/herself at the learner’s place. So always are a learner and then a teacher.

There can be many more interesting things about this profession as it is not just a business but art. So in a nutshell, it can be said that a teacher is an artist, who performs to teach his audience.