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Role of laughter in Teaching

Mr. Dipesha Rathwa | 19th February, 2016 Back to Blog

‘Smile’ or ‘Laughter’ the word itself makes you smile. So think of the role of smile or laughter in the classroom teaching.

Don’t you think Teaching can be fun?

How often do you say: “I really enjoyed teaching my class today”. I myself also don’t know how often I say that.

So teachers can be funny, this is the easier therapy than other new techniques. Yes, sometimes it will have risk (mess) but then also we should use it.

How it helps the teachers?
  • » Increases attention, motivation, excitement – it increases the attention level of the students, motivates the slow learners to speak in front of the class. Arouses excitement among themselves for different activity.
  • » Increases interactions between students & peers – it helps to bring the class together and makes a bond between the classmates.
  • » Increases interactions between students & teacher – it also increases the interaction between child and teacher. It helps the student to share views with teacher.
  • » May draw out some of the “invisible” students – it will help some invisible students to be visible in the class.
  • » Reduces anxiety & stress – helps reduce the anxiety and stress of both
  • » Humour is infectious, like yawning. It brings the class together.
How can you use this technique in teaching?
  • » It’s a good idea to smile now and then.
  • » Tell funny stories-your own or others-to make a point.
  • » Examples (lots of mine involve children/dogs)
  • » Act something out. Use props.
  • » Use fun demonstrations/experiments.
  • » Try different media-music, ads! Ex. Drug songs
  • » Ask students to bring you more current examples