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Resolution for The New Year!

Mr. Vimalkumar Kanabar | 31st December, 2015 Back to Blog

We all say ‘bye bye’ to 2015 and warm welcome to 2016. I request you to ask some basic questions to yourself? Are you happy with what you have achieved in this year? Do feel that still you have to put more efforts to improve in studies, exams, and overall performance? If your heart and soul says ‘yes’, then 31st December is the perfect day as RESOLUTION Day to celebrate the New Year! Just decide what is missing and what hurdles are there in your way.

Make a list of the things on a paper and stick the list of your challenges or difficulties or pending list on the wall in your home or above your writing table and a thought to solve them Everyday.

I believe, If you think about the solutions of the problems, you are the best person in the world to find the best remedy for your problems.

If you read the biographies of the great and successful people in the world, they are like us. But the difference is only one. They find time to resolve the issues with strong desire and endless efforts. And we don’t! Our marks are low, projects are pending, No extra reading activities, no exercises, no personal time-table and schedule at home. The list can be endless but now we have to make up our mind, be bold and strong, take up your responsibilities on your shoulder. And behold that you are in the path of gaining success in you life.

Wish you happy and prosperous New Year.