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RBK - Hanumant High School | 29th January, 2016 Back to Blog
Exam Fever-An Interview with 10th Grade Students at HHS, Mahuva

A student from grade X feels that he can’t remember the contents for the exam. Another believes he has the potential to achieve more than 90% but hardly meets 70 %, which is below his expectation. There are many students specially facing Board exam and have their own problems. Exams are all about the test of knowledge and grades. For the students that becomes a mountainous task to attend with expectations of high grades. Focusing EXAM at centre, librarian of Hanumant High School, Mr. Dayawant has organized an interview on EXAM FEVER for grade X students with the Principal and other faculties on 18th January 2016.

In this session the students of grade X asked different questions related to exam to the Principal and other teachers.

Q1. It is difficult to revise all the notes at a time. How can we prepare notes for the exam to do faster revision ?

Making good note, which is easy to understand and revise, needs high skill and secret of success depends on that. It must provide collective information in an easy way.

  • • The contents must be organized properly and linked logically in a way it helps to summarize.
  • • There are some KEYWORDS , definitions, functions which should be highlighted.
  • • Develop your own pattern to remember sequence/ chronology. e.g. Petro G Ne Kar De LuFuRe. (Petroleum products during fractional distillation)
  • • Diagrams, Tables and Flow charts will save your time to understand long description and help to summarize faster.
  • • Must take care of heading and sub heading.
  • • Use abbreviation and short words.
  • • Skip unnecessary explanation.
Q2. How to remember lengthy answer?

It is proved that we can remember 10% of what we read, 20 % of what we see, 50% of what we see and hear. 70 % of what we collaborate and 80 % of what we do.

If you want to remember a lengthy answer, you teach the same to your friend or discuss with your friend. You will definitely learn it easily.

It again depends on your ability to associate and skill to prepare good note. A note split into paragraphs with highlighted key words will certainly help to remember lengthy notes .

Q3. What diet shall we follow?

Scientifically it is proved that diet and exercise has high impact on memory. Junk food, oily food and sugary food block the memory. Omega -3 which is ample in walnut and Kiwis help to sharpen your memory. One must eat lots of fruits, water during exam.

Regular 30 minutes exercise is essential. A hormone named Endorphin secreted from Pituitary gland which is located at the backside of your brain makes you exhilarated & block the feelings of pain.

It develops your self esteem and makes you positive and removes your stress. So, I advise you all to do some kind of physical activities like playing, running, walking at least for half an hour.

Q4. It is difficult to focus on studies and mind diverts to various activities while studies . How to control ourselves ?

The question itself gives clarity that somewhere we need to control ourselves. This will develop by understanding self responsibilities. It is not advisable to stuck to reading if the mind is blocked or you are tired. Listen to the music, talk to the friends, discuss questions with your friend but don’t turn on TV or INTERNET or SOCIAL MEDIA. Deep breathing, meditation and pranayam will also help to bring self control.

Q5. How to prepare for Mathematics ?

Mathematics is sequential subject. One cannot remember unless the base is clear. We need to understand concept of Mathematics and its application. Lots of practice of similar type of question ,will help to improve the result.

Q6. Can we listen to music while doing Math sums?

Yes! It depends on individuals. If you are not diverted from the subject due to music, then you can listen to music.

Q7. Give some tips to sharpen the memory.

There is no magic which increase your mental ability over night, but, certainly you can derive maximum by adopting scientific techniques to learn. As mentioned above regular revision is must to convert short time memory into long time memory.

We need to develop reading techniques. Visual impact helps us to remember for long time. . One must use diagrams, flow charts, map reading to remember lengthy notes.

One student was still confused and has exam phobia. She gets nervous at the time of exam, feels like headache, vomiting. One needs to come out of stress by developing self confidence. It is my appeal to all young friends to remove stress and be positive and get rid of EXAM FEVER!

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