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Importance of Reading

Reema A. Bhavsar (Primary Teacher) | 19th December, 2015 Back to Blog

“The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn the more places you will go”

Reading is believed to be the favourite pass time for us. It entertains as well as teaches and preaches about the betterment of life. Blessed are the ones who have love of reading intuitively. Looking at the current scenario, people are not tending to read books much. Rarely would you find a person sitting in a bus or train reading a novel or any book. Most of the books are now replaced by the mobile phones and tablets. But the love of reading in those people has not dried up. The screen-reading has taken the place of book-reading. They are not visiting the libraries frequently but surfing on internet on amazon, flip-kart, inflibeam or bookadda for the resources. The concept of e- reading is promoted by the current generation. If we are not reading anything, we will not be able to guide the next generation about what to read and what not to.

Apart from this, the children of Primary classes are too young to understand the values of reading, its benefits and they do not have insight for selection of the books. If we wish to pass on the treasure of the knowledge to these little flowers, attempts are required to be made at their tender age. They might not wish to read a book and sit quietly and comprehend that. But there are few ways to work out this problem in a simple way.

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Every human being has an innate tendency to read or listen to the stories. If this is nurtured properly they may start telling and writing their own stories. As stories are the powerful tools to pass on the moral values, social traditions and cultural activities. It is also able to strengthen the imaginative power in a child in addition to the narrative skills.

The bed-time stories open up the communication between family members and satisfy the curiosity of a child. The characters like Snow White, Cindrella , Noddy , Harry Potter , etc. appeal to them. They can be moulded towards reading through the favourite fictional characters. Once they commence reading the stories, they form a habit and plenty of doors open up for them for reading further.


If a child is showing interest in great people and their lives this proves to be the best way to provide them with the information of their lives. Biographies are all about the major incidents and turning points in the lives of great people. Let the child choose the field s/he wishes. It can be the life of their favourite a sports person, a spiritual leader, a religious leader, a scientist, a political leader or a businessman. Be it Sachin Tendulkar, Mark Zuckerberg , Film star of their choice or anyone. Give him/ her the freedom of selection. Biographies are full of pictures and also consist of the motivational stuff for the children. The inspiration obtained from such books remains with them through out their lives.

Audio – visual Tools:

The aesthetic pleasure of reading can be attained by applying all the five senses while reading. When a child is reading s/he should be able to relate all the senses like smell, taste, hearing, touch and sight. This way s\he builds the imagination power and moulds the self to creative ways in life. The audio – visual aids and technology comes to help here. If a child is not interested in reading books, let him\her watch it in the form of movie or listen to the musical adaptation or play or drama form of the same. After arousing the curiosity we can make attempt to direct him\her towards reading. Even the books available now-a-days have enough pictorial narration, CD\ DVD of the book, tables, graphs and charts. They are used as the mnemonic tools. This proves to be the capturing power of the books for the children of tender age at the primary level.

Wrapping up:

Reading is believed to be the foundation of the character of a person. A person is judged by the book s\he reads. If we develop the habit of reading in the children at young age, we are sawing the seeds of literature reading and writing in them. In addition to this, the knowledge gained by reading the books becomes the powerful tool for the education. A child who has the habit of reading may never feel stressed by reading for hours for any of the exams preparation. The attachment with the books lets the child enter another world of one’s own imagination. The children who have read a lot be it in the subject of their choice are going to be more innovative, creative and different.