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Impact of Electronics on Children

Mrs. D V Sudha Parimala | 27th January, 2016 Back to Blog

Children are the pillars of the future generation, rise from family, school and society. As children are jewels of family, parents or their elders want to furnish all possible modern amenities to them.

Science and technology has developed world wide, which has a great impact on children. Present era is an electronic era. Electronics especially here include television, computers, mobile, etc. The stress on the impact of electronics on children is, to guide them for the right and healthy use of electronics.

These electronic devises provide good knowledge to children in various fields. But today’s children are mostly attracted to these devises to get the information of their academic topics, or to complete the task like projects or assignments. Children are prone towards internet for copying information rather than referring journals, magazines, newspapers and different books related to their desired topic. No doubt, they get very good information but at the same time they are losing many valuable skills like reading, writing, thinking, creativity, etc.

As they are spending most of their time sitting before the television or computers, they are not sparing their time for physical exercises. They are having more fun on video games rather than physical games. So, they are likely to be affected with mental health problems like laziness, lack of concentration, jealousy, over curiosity and anger, etc. Physical health problems like obesity, vision problems, etc cannot be ruled out. Also awareness levels are getting low.

Here, parents and teachers have an important role with the children using computers, mobiles and television. Parents ought to spend quality time with their children, help in their studies, and guide them in successful completion of their tasks, spare time for physical games in their daily activities. They may inculcate a habit to gift a good story book or a book of their children’s interest, on their birthday or on their success in any event.

Teachers should encourage the students for reading books, journals, magazines, news papers, etc to complete their projects or assignments. They can reward children for their effort they put in the work.

Conclusion: These electronic gadgets are no doubt useful in many ways, but children should use these devices wisely.