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How Competitions Benefit Students

RBK - Hanumant High School | 5th May, 2015 Back to Blog

School and study go hand in hand. However, there is one more thing that goes along with it. Well, it is surely various competitions held by the school. RBK Hanumant CBSE School in Gujarat leaves no stone unturned and offer various competitions for the students. It ranges from the recital, poetry recital, storytelling and so on. Competitions play a major role in helping the students fight their fear. It works as an effective motivating tool as it helps them to perform well and excel in any area. Apart from winning a prize, a student also gets to explore his/her hidden skill.

Competitions are part of every student’s life. You will find parents and teachers encouraging the students to take part in various competitions held in the school itself. There are innumerable and amazing benefits associated with the same. Mentioned are some benefits associated with it:

Explore the Hidden Talents

RBK Hanumant being one of the top CBSE schools in Gujarat believes you do not know about your talent unless it is explored. This is well achieved when students participate in various competitions held by the school. It works as a great platform to explore the hidden talents. It can be anything from singing, telling a story in a great way, reciting poetry by keeping the crowd mesmerized and so on.

Showcase Your Skills

Competitions, no matter how small work as a great platform for students to showcase their talents and skills. RBK, being the best school in Gujarat ensures every student participates in some or the other competition held by the school. Apart from helping them to showcase the skills, it also works as a self-evaluation. It further helps them to nurture and work on their skills.

Make New Friends

When a student takes part in competitions, it helps them to interact and make new friends from other grades too. It further works in the favor of students who are shy and introverts. Some students tend to get along well with students who have the same skills and talents. Apart from making new friends, it also helps them to work on the skills and improve.

Fight Your Fears

Some students do not take part in competitions as they have stage fear, are shy or even introverts. However, it is wise to know once you take part in any competition, you get to know facing a large crowd is not that difficult too. In fact, it motivates you to take part in other competitions too.

Various Competitions

CBSE schools in Gujarat including RBK Hanumant believe competitions are the right source for students to help explore their talents. Taking this aspect into consideration, it offers various competitions, such as poetry recital, storytelling, singing, quiz competition and so on. A student can take part in a competition that he/she is comfortable in.

These are some of the benefits associated with competitions held in the school and how it benefits the students. A number of top CBSE schools in Gujarat and around have taken a great initiative in encouraging students to take part in various competitions. It is an effective technique to develop new ideas and explore the skills!