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How Hanumant RBK CBSE School Makes Learning Fun and Engaging

RBK - Hanumant High School | 1st February, 2016 Back to Blog

Education is the king! Being the subjects, students are required to grasp knowledge effectively. With so many board options available, it becomes quite hard for parents to pick the best. When talking about board options, CBSE is the most considered one. Now the question halts at which CBSE school is the best and on the top. This is where Hanumant RBK School comes into the picture. This CBSE School has gained immense recognition and attention from both parents and students. It is listed among the top 10 CBSE schools in Gujarat.

What Makes Hanumant RBK School One of the Top CBSE School in Gujarat?

You do not actually need a reason to admit your child to this fine and reputed CBSE School in Gujarat. Though there are many CBS schools in and around Gujarat, nothing can beat the services and education facility offered by Hanumant RBK School. Being listed among the top CBSE schools in Gujarat, you can expect your child to grow under the guidance and care of experts. Education is offered to keeping in mind the learning needs of every student. It is quite known that not all students are alike. Holistic educational environment offered by the school helps in nurturing and fostering a student with right skills.

Know the Teaching Habits

Studying from the books is quite an old mantra. Students now seek for creative and innovative ways for learning. Considering this aspect, Hanumant RBK School makes use of innovative teaching strategies. Getting up early in the morning and going to school is something every child detests. Well, the problem does not lie in the school, but the teaching habit. The same course of reading books, doing homework and by hearting every line can be really tedious and boring. It is followed by every school, no matter what board. This is where Hanumant RBK School plays the role of a leader by offering education with a pinch of creativity and innovation. The same mundane way of learning is actually killing the love of learning in children.

Hanumant RBK School, English medium school in Gujarat takes a step forward by helping students learn beyond those four walls. It is noticed certain concepts taught in the classroom are beyond the grasping capability of the child. However, the same concept when taught using creative ways helps them to understand better. Field trips are also conducted helping students to put to practice what has been learnt and expand the learning horizon. Field trips make students come face to face with real events and people. This observational activity helps in enhancing observatory skills. In short, it makes education and learning a fun and engaging experience. The school encourages participation from the students.

School Campus

When in Hanumant RBK School, you know your child is under the care of experts. The campus of the school is beautifully decorated that attracts children to learn. The colorful and well-equipped campus makes it easier for children to gain knowledge.


Various facilities are offered to ensure students feel relaxed all the time. When talking about facilities, this reputable CBSE School offers transport facility by having a school bus. The bus ensures students reach school and home on time and without any delay. Apart from this, it also offers medical and security facility. A medical check-up is conducted that helps children to be fit and healthy. First aid kit is at the service of students all the time. The premises are secured all the time as it has CCTVs installed in the premises. Furthermore, a professional security guard is also appointed round the clock. All this ensures your children are in safe hands.

Activities Offered

A number of activities are offered by Hanumant RBK School. The arts and crafts activities are fun and engaging. It is known that art and craft play a prominent part as it balances education. Hanumant RBK School encourages students to take part in arts and crafts activity. It mainly includes painting, printing, collage making, and more. To encourage them to take part next time, the work is displayed in the patio and corridor of the school. Apart from this, there is also speech and drama that aids in enhancing the communication, speaking and listening skills. Other than this, the speech and drama also work towards helping them to express their ideas, opinions and thoughts clearly. If your child’s foot taps as soon as the music starts, dance lessons for primary and pre-primary is the best answer!

To make learning fun yet effective, Hanumant RBK School appoints talented and professional faculty. There is always scope for learning no matter what degree a person holds. Considering this factor, faculties attends workshops and seminars both in India and abroad. The sessions help teachers to offer quality education to students time and again. All these aspects make Hanumant RBK School to land among the list of top 10 CBSE schools in Gujarat.