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Different Co-Curricular Activities Offered

RBK - Hanumant High School | 11th March, 2016 Back to Blog

“Teach me, and I will forget. Show me, and I might remember. Involve me, and I will never forget.” This Chinese proverb is true as knowledge is best acquired when a student is involved in it. How do you define education? Well, it clearly starts with it being the backbone of the society. Education and knowledge are confined within the four walls of the classroom. The main aim of quality education is to foster the better development of the child. A child is considered an all-rounder only if he/she has a perfect balance between academics and activities. A renowned RBK school in Bhavnagar understands the importance of co-curricular activities and offers them thus helping to grow better. The importance of co-curricular activity cannot be denied.

What Is A Co-Curricular Activity?

Now these activities need to be undertaken alongside with the curricular activities. It mainly involves a child to be creative outside the classroom. It is one of the best platforms to develop various skills and explore the talent beyond the classroom. No doubt, the intellectual development of a child is better achieved in the classroom. However, when talking about aesthetic development, it is best achieved when being part of the co-curricular activities.

There are a number of benefits offered by co-curricular activities. Participation in these helps a student in the long run. It helps in enhancing the coordination skills. It further helps in providing different values such as cultural, recreational, psychological, educational, social and more. Taking this aspect into consideration a number of the CBSE schools in Bhavnagar and around offer activities that help students in the long run.

Now when talking about co-curricular activities, you should know there are various and offered by the schools. Some of them include:


Who does not like to learn music? RBK Hanumant, the best school in Bhavnagar offers music as a co-curricular activity. A number of students participate in this activity. It is offered in the form of a regular music class. It is offered in a well-equipped music class with all the needed and required musical instrument. This further offers a great and harmonious learning atmosphere for the students.


If your child loves to shake a leg, then dance classes are the best way to enhance this skill. Apart from helping your child learn some moves, it also works as a perfect exercise. Dance classes are conducted in which students are taught different forms of dance from different cultures.


This is another co-curricular activity offered by the schools. This helps a child to explore his/her creative side. Furthermore, the artwork is displayed in the corridors helping them to do better all the time.


Every child has an actor inside. You can let it out by asking your children to participate in the drama. In this, the students are well acquainted with various theatre and performing arts aspects. It majorly includes acting, various theatre elements and more. This further helps them to face the crowd and get rid of stage fear.

Expression Activity

This is another co-curricular activity that has garnered a lot of attention. The main aim of this activity is to help a student be active all the time. It mainly includes debates, declamation, participation in quiz competitions, group discussions and so on.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, CBSE schools in Gujarat and around offer other co-curricular activities too. You can encourage your child to participate in any of them or all of them!