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Monsoon: Breathe of New Life

Mrs. D V Sudha Parimala | 13th July, 2016 Back to Blog

In India there are three main seasons’ viz., summer, monsoon and winter. The month March to June is summer, July to October is monsoon and November to February is winter.

Now, July is going on, finally after a hot weather season i.e., summer, we entered happily into monsoon. There may be increase or decrease of rainfall. We are stressing here to bring awareness about the do’s and don’ts in the monsoon season.

Children feel very happy when the sky is drizzling. They love to make paper boats and drop in the flowing rain water, etc. When it rain children often recite the poem -

Rain, rain go away,
come again another day,
little Johny wants to play,
rain, rain go away.’

I feel children recite this poem because mothers don’t allow their kids to play in rain. It is true, a mother knows well about her child. As the child’s immune system is delicate – becomes quick change in health, sudden attack of cold, viral diseases, etc.

Here are some of the do’s and don’ts to enjoy the rainy season:

  • • Eat healthy homemade food.
  • • Instead of eating outside food, enjoy eating hot homemade pakoras with your favourite mint/garlic chutney, with whole family sitting together at home during the rain.
  • • Put appropriate medicines available with the doctor’s advice, so that there will not be hurry in the rain.
  • • It’s beneficial if homemade remedies can be given for slight symptoms of cold, cough, fever, under the supervision of elders or doctors.
  • • Keep fully charged torch lights, candles ready in reach at night time.
  • • Carry raincoat, umbrella when ever stepping out of the house, because rain is a guest without invitation.
  • • If possible carry a pair of clothes, at least a towel or a napkin while going to work place.
  • • Drink lot of water and fluid to stay fresh and rejuvenate yourself.
  • • Do regular physical exercise to avoid indigestion problem.
  • • To avoid the boring time sitting inside the home on a rainy day, engage the child in creative work like drawing, knitting and interior decoration with their own ideas. Make the child busy in playing with numbers i.e., solving sums of mental maths, listening to classical music, watching educational programmes in television, etc.
  • • Never play for a longer time in rain – If you feel happy playing in the rain, play when it is slightly drizzling. As the drizzling increases and turns into rain, get into home and make yourself dry.
  • • Do not stay for a longer time in wet clothes.
  • • Do not allow the rain water stagnant in and around the house to avoid mosquitoes.
  • • Do not allow the drainage water flow around the house.
  • • Do not go in the dark without torchlight, as there will be danger of harmful creatures like snakes, leaches, etc.
  • • Do not drink water without filtering or boiling.
  • • Do not eat outside food, especially roadside food, at least in rainy season.
  • • Do not eat raw food like fruits and vegetables without proper cleaning.
  • • Always close the food items to keep away from flies.
  • • Do not stand under a tree as there may be danger of lightning.

Not only the above do’s and don’ts, there are many more precautions regarding the care to be taken in monsoon season. We all know these things, but a small article to awake all the thoughts should be practised to enjoy the monsoon season.

By following the healthy habits and a healthy and positive life style, we along with our kids can enjoy the monsoon. Then children may change the poem and recite as,

‘Rain, rain come again and again....
Little Johny wants to play, wants to play....’
“Happy monsoon to all!”