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All the Good Reasons to Consider CBSE Schools in Gujarat

RBK - Hanumant High School | 15th December, 2015 Back to Blog

Surely, the biggest concern of every parent is looking for a school that offers quality education. It starts right from the time a child starts with schooling. Earlier it was only Maharashtra Board; however, as time passed by, other boards were introduced like CBSE, ICSE, and NIOS and so on. With so many board options, you are sure to get confused. A number of parents consider CBSE board among others. This has led to increase in the number of CBSE schools in and around India. If you are a resident of Gujarat, you will be glad to know about the availability of CBSE schools in Gujarat.


There are a number of reasons that tells you to consider CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) over other boards. Before you know why to consider CBSE, know what exactly it is. Well, to start off with, it is basically a public and private school Board of Education. The schools are spread all over India.

Gujarat CBSE

Formed on 1st May 1960, it is one of the most considered ones among other boards. This board is completely responsible for all the decisions that the system takes including cognitive, administrative and intellectual direction.

Giving the best education to a child is the prime concern of every parent. You surely want your child to be imparted with right knowledge and education. This is well achieved when you enroll your child’s name to one of the finest CBSE schools in Gujarat. These schools follow the CBSE curriculum alone. As there are many CBSE schools in Gujarat picking the best one, though all are best can be a difficult task. The below-mentioned pointers aim to tell what makes CBSE board so special and considered by parents:

  • » A Great Learning Platform – With the increasing popularity, CBSE is surely the biggest and considered educational platform. The higher secondary schools in Gujarat also conduct the AIEEE exams. In spite of having other educational boards available, CBSE is one of the oldest and favored one.
  • » Curriculum – CBSE has gained immense popularity in the engineering and medical science field. If your child has a yearning for medical and engineering profession, you should surely consider CBSE board. The curriculum is easy to adapt and understand. It is mostly focused on Maths and Science.
  • » Less Learning Load – CBSE board believes in inculcating the right education through other forms rather than just books. This further makes the child less burdened with books. CBSE Board has taken learning to a whole new level. It believes learning should not be mundane with children by hearting from the books. It aims to make learning fun and enjoyable. The innovative teaching helps a student to show off the creative side as well.
  • » Amazing Academic Activities – CBSE schools in Gujarat believe children learn beyond classrooms too. Field trips are conducted that helps every student to understand and learn in a great environment. Some of the concepts that are taught in the classroom might not be understood easily and field trips offer a great platform for them to understand it. These schools also encourage co-curricular activities like dance, drama, music, art and more.

These are some of the good reasons that tell English medium school in Gujarat CBSE Board is perfect for your child, the future of Gujarat and India as the whole.