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Campus Photo Gallery

Knowledge Center

Computer Lab

In order to cope up with the demands of information technology, HHS has a well equipped modern computer Laboratory. We have 50 computer systems functioning in a large computer lab - all of which are interconnected through LAN. All systems have the latest configuration with up to date software. Also the internet is accessible in our computer lab. Each student gets an opportunity to practice on computer without sharing with any other peer. As well it is compulsory that all classes attend the computer lab for practical work and research as permitted by their time table.

Learning Resource Center

“Books are mankind’s best friend”. Keeping this in mind HHS considers the library as our learning and resource center. We have a large library with 3000+ books of various categories such as English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Fictions, Novels, Magazines, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and periodicals. Each student has his/her own account in the library and can withdraw library books as per library rules. The library has sufficient space for students to read books. Also, students have a designated library period which they use to do extra reading.

Religious Book Reading Activity - 29th & 31st, August 2017 Poem Making Activity Book Talk Activity

Performing and Visual Arts

Art and Craft

Arts and crafts activities are fun for children. We are conscious of the importance of Art and Craft as a key element in the provision of a balanced education for our education. Paintings, pattern, print, models, sculpture, collage and textiles afford the children opportunities to enjoy, celebrate, create, analyse, and record their sensory experience.

The children are also given the opportunity to respond to a variety of art, craft and design forms. Our school patio and corridors are used to display the children’s work.

Speech and Drama

Hanumant High School encourages its students to be competent in every field and aspect of life. Students are given the opportunity of getting their proficiency. This programme helps students to hone speaking, listening skills and to speak with confidence and conviction. It increases vocabulary in terms of coverage, accuracy and appropriateness. It aids in expressing ideas, thoughts, and opinions with clarity and promptness.

Medical & Security Facilities

Medical Facility

Hanumant High School provides adequate Medical Facility to students. Once in a year all students Medical checkup (free) is executed by physicians of Hanumant Hospital Mahuva, if a child found to need more medical assistance, his/her parents are advised to see the specialist as per prescription of physician. Apart from regular check-up, school is having sufficient provision of First Aid Kit, which is always available with its incharge, if any child gets hurt class teacher/subject teacher immediately escort the child to the incharge for necessary First Aid. In case of further medical assistance school contacts parents and avail transportation to child with immediate effect for reaching to the hospital of his/her parents’ wish in Mahuva. While transportation also, all the nine buses are equipped with first aid kits.

Security/Safety Facility

The School premises is covered with wall boundary from all sides, having two functional school gates, on both gates security arrangements are being monitored on regular basis. All vehicles and persons entering in campus are registered at entrance. Students safety is well taken care off, at various places on ground floor and first floor Fire Extinguishers are fixed. Laboratories are equipped with gas burners, gas supply is arranged out side building for safety of school children. School is having three main door out of which two gates are big in dimension and in opposite direction to each other for emergency evacuation. Safe drinking water arrangements are monitored on regular basis, students are provided with R.O. filtered water, in case of maintenance of RO Plant, mineral water is arranged for students.


Canteen provides nutritionally balanced and appealing food to the children. We aim to keep our food environment as hygienic as possible to promote good health for our students. The menu is designed by our in house Dietician, which provides students and staff with a healthy range of fresh tasty food which is free of additives and preservatives. We boast of :

  • Fresh nutritionally balanced meal served daily
  • Supervised lunch for pre primary learners, as teachers and aaayas/maushi help them in feeding

We pride ourselves on the quality of food we serve because we believe “ Healthy kids make healthy nation.”

  • Degree: B.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, M.Sc.(Gold Medalist) in Food Science and Nutrition from Banasthali Vidhyapeeth. She has also earned Gold Medal for her project research on probiotics.
  • Mrs. Sinha has worked as Slimming in charge with VLCC heath care Ltd and consultant corporate Dietician with Health Impetus (Mumbai). Payal loves cooking, travelling, listening to music and watching movies in her leisure.
Cafeteria Menu : April 2018