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Strategies To Implement Gender Equality In Younger Minds

RBK - Hanumant High School | 17th February, 2018 Back to Blog

In India, till today almost a quarter of women do not have the courage to take their own decisions, whether be it an individual issue or a family issue. Instead, their husbands or the other men in the family make decisions for them on choices. Additionally, harmful traditional practices like early marriage, childbearing, female genital mutilation, and gender-based violence — all are having huge adverse effects on women.

You will also be surprised to know that most parents enroll their young boys in one of the best schools in Gujarat or Mumbai or abroad – however, these boys and men are never shown the right path and are never given advice on how they need to treat a girl and women in the society. Therefore today the time has come where we need to build a healthy community. Rather than just focusing and teaching women about their rights, we need to start asking our boys and men to start respecting girls and women, so that the concept of gender equality is well understood and practiced by all in the society.

With all that is said, we have listed down some strategies that you can use to educate your little boys in your family and around your neighborhood:-

Education Starts At Home

Your child must be studying in one of the top English Medium Schools in Bhavnagar or in one of the best CBSE schools in Gujarat or Mumbai. However, you need to remember that basic education starts at home.

Children learn about gender relations largely by watching the important adults in their lives, namely mom and dad. So it’s important that as parents and elders, we portray the right attitude and tone towards women in our family.

Create an environment in your house where gender stereotypes have no place. Divide the household chores between you and your partner. Show your son that mothers can change the light bulb as much as fathers can prepare dinner. While gender equality is a complex concept, you can bring it into your child’s life in these simple ways.

Check Your Child’s Media Attention

Be conscious of the vast amount of media your son consumes each day, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. In fact, an average child usually spends about 2-3 hours every day watching TV or movies and another 2-3 hours on the internet. As you go through your day, pay attention to what your child is viewing and what messages go against girls and women........ You need to make sure that you turn your boys away from media images that hurt women. It’s important that your son takes good education from the media and advertisements, and that he learns to respect women at his early age.

Teach Boys To Respect A Girl’s Wishes And Boundaries

You need to teach boys to respect a girl’s wishes and boundaries from a young age, including their interactions with girl siblings. Whether its a brother pulling his sister’s hair or taking her belongings? Teach him not to hurt her. Teach boys to ask a girl’s permission before invading her personal space in any way. Be it borrowing a pencil from another girl student, giving his female soccer teammate a high five or be it sharing the lunch box with his female friend etc; teach him to ask her permission. All this may seem excessive when your boys are young, but the stakes get higher before you know it.

Skills To Speak Up

It's not enough to tell a child: "don't do that." Instead, we must teach them what to do instead. Raise a boy who is willing to speak up against the groups who pass bad comments on girls. Teach your boys some lines they can have at the make ready when they witness misogynistic words or actions against women. Have them practice these lines so they feel natural. If a brother, friend, classmate, or teammate is abusing his female partner—or is disrespectful or abusive to girls and women in general—don’t overlook. Instead, ask your boys to try to stop the violence by talking to the person who is abusing. Urge him to offer help, in some simple and polite ways.

Share Stories

Share stories of difficult encounters and experiences to help your boy understand the situation. Being minors with limited life experience, many children and teenagers are unable to connect the abstract idea of equality with their own lives. So as parents, mentors, teachers or coaches, it is important that we help them make the connection.

Parents need to understand that enrolling their son in one of the best English Medium Schools in Bhavnagar or in one of the best international schools in Mumbai or abroad is not just enough. They also need to teach their boys basic manners and social etiquette at home. Elders in the family and society need to understand that, just like boys, even girls are capable of doing various things in life. And remember that, by implementing the aspect of gender equality in younger minds, you are not only showing your children the true path of life but are also contributing towards the nation’s economic and social development as a whole.

RBK Hanumant is one such school in Bhavnagar, Gujarat that aspires to educate global citizens who have the mind set to cooperate with the community to make this a better world. The primary goal of the school is to create a balanced atmosphere for learning, discipline and development of character. By magnifying children’s core values, cultural ethics, and self-confidence the school aims to build responsible citizens of tomorrow.