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Aarzoo Jalali | 19th February, 2018 Back to Blog

I want to recollect all the memories
which I had in the past
Beacause that’s the best way
To hold them close to my heart

If only I could keep
those memories from slipping away,
grab hold of them and cherish them
And try to make them stay.

But memories like those so often
are hard to hold on to
They slip right through my fingers
No matter what I do.

I can think and talk about it
and remember it for a while.
Then as time keeps rushing away
what's left is just a smile.

When I remember just a glimpse of them
awakens how I feel.
It takes me back to those memories
that the time can never steal.

So, no more will I skip a day
Or erase it from my mind
I’ll take each moment of each day
And be more loving and kind.