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Me & My Shadow

Aarzoo Jalali | 11th January, 2018 Back to Blog

As I wake up, as I slept
As the days grew longer
My bond with you my shadow
Had become very stronger
A moment in time makes a change
While many things nearer, gets out of range
So, today I want to play with
My shadow in the snow
And lots of memories of life
That I’m making in life’s flow
Moments of life and living
Venturing with some hope
Into the uncharted territory
Of the unopened doors of hope
Through our life people come and go
God planned it this way he meant it so
Some stay briefly, some stay for a while
And some like my shadow
Stay a lifetime with me for every smile
So I enjoy with my idyllic shadow
And watch the happiness ripple out
And I let go of the entire negative
Without any hesitation and doubt.