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It’s All Because Of You

Aarzoo Jalali | 9th March, 2018 Back to Blog

I get up each day with a grin
And greet it with a laugh
My life has changed in just an instant’s time
All darkness has fled before that radiant shine
The earth is a wealth to me now
It’s all because of you
You are the luster when there is no sun
And the dappled, after the rain is done
I live this life encircled in profound joy
As you make me giggle, when I want to cry
Your strength inspires me
Your existence gives me hope
You are the star that twinkle in the night
And also the moon that glows so bright
Each time I see something dazzling
I want to acquire it and bring it to you
I appreciate you for all these things
And for a million others too
But, most of all for what I am
Whenever I’m with you
My life has so much meaning now
It’s all because of you.