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Health Benefits Of Going On A School Picnic

RBK - Hanumant High School | 15th January, 2018 Back to Blog

Picnicking is a well-known activity in school. From casual lunches to games, picnics provide an easygoing environment to catch up and entertain kids. However, school picnics offer far more health benefits than what you can think.


Spending time outdoors, basking in nature, the pure air invigorates kids and leaves them feeling rejuvenated. For those kids with respiratory disorders, breathing clean air helps clear the lungs.

Mood Booster

You will be amazed to know how much the lack of sun in your body can affect your mood. There’s something great about fresh air and sunshine that just puts kids in good mood and motivates them to get some exercise.

Relieves Stress

Picnics are a great stress buster for kids. It helps reduce the stress and anxiety related to studies and other family issues. It allows kids to ease up from time to time when they lounge in the bright sunlight.

Builds Stronger Bones

Since picnics are usually outdoors, getting enough vitamin D can help kids reduce the chances of getting bone deterioration diseases like osteoporosis. Moreover, regular sun exposure promotes the process of growth and height and can decrease the risk of rickets in children. The sun also provides benefits to the skin by providing a nice, warm, sun-kissed glow.

Helps Stay Active

Regular picnics can encourage kids to partake in physical activities and stay active. Mini-games like tug-of-war or flag football and kickball keeps kids energetic and active throughout the day.

RBK Hanumant is one such English Medium Schools in Bhavnagar that organizes regular picnics for children.

Recently a picnic was arranged for the pre-primary section on 5th January 2018. The venue of the picnic was R.K. Restaurant. On arrival, the staff of the restaurant welcomed the students with a positive zeal and attitude. Even the kids were amazed to see an equipped play area around with all the swings, see-saw, helicopter ride, train ride etc. All the kids happily played and enjoyed all the activities in the game zone. After a fun packed day, the kids were served delicious lunch and ice cream.

Overwhelmed by the entire event, all the students expressed a desire to revisit the place again.

RBK Hanumant is one of the best schools in Gujarat. The primary goal of the school is to create a balanced atmosphere for learning, discipline, and development of character. In addition to academic excellence, the school aims to enhance children’s health, mind, and soul without spoiling their innocence.

For more information on RBK Hanumant visit http://hanumantrbk.org/