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Friendship Is Priceless

Aarzoo Jalali | 28th February, 2018 Back to Blog

A friend is like a luminary that glitters and glows
Or may be like an deep-sea that smoothly flows
A friend is like a diamond that we should treasure
And take care of them forever and ever
A friend is like a guardian that is there to guide you
Or someone you can trust out of a few
A friend is like an owl, both beautiful and wise
Or perhaps like a ghost, whose spirit never dies
Best friends stay together till the end
They are like straight lines, which never bend
A friend is like a heart that goes strong until end
Where would we be in the world if we didn’t have a friend?
For friendship is a invaluable gift, which cannot be bought or sold
But its worth is far greater, than a mountain made of gold
So, when you ask God for a gift
Be appreciative if he sends no diamonds, pearls or riches
But a best friend for you, who will help to fulfill all your wishes
That’s why I am so gratified because I can see
Dear friend your companionship is so priceless to me.